Mothers of Preschoolers

Community With MOPS

At our MOPS meetings, you have the opportunity to celebrate the unique joys and challenges of being a mother of young children. We’re a unique group for mothers who have a desire to be the best mom they can be and share experiences with moms just like you!

We also gives moms some time to refresh, reflect, grow, be affirmed, and experience God’s love.

MOPS Meeting

 1st & 3rd Thursdays 
9:30-11:30 am | Fellowship Center
Childcare available for children birth to kindergarten

At MOPS, we have a variety of activities including guest speakers, small group discussion, craft days, prayer, devotionals, community service opportunities, food, and fellowship. During meetings children have the opportunity to experience God’s love and to have fun making new friends their age in the care of our Preschool Ministry.

Play dates and mom’s nights out are also planned for MOPS families throughout the year.

Cost of MOPS

$100 for the year (Sept-May) which includes MOPS International membership, helps pay for childcare and other meeting expenses for our group. We fundraise throughout the year to help with scholarships so every mom who wants to be a part of MOPS can. Partial and full scholarships are available upon request.

Frequent Questions

I don’t know if I am ready to leave my baby in childcare, can I bring them with me to the meeting?
Yes, you are welcome to have your baby with you until you are ready. We understand that the first year of a baby’s life is a special time of bonding with mom. Our mentor moms in the group are available to help and would love the opportunity to hold your baby while you get a bite to eat and get settled. Nursing moms and fussy babies are welcomed and a lovely part of our group. If there was ever a place where babies can be babies, it would be in a gathering of moms. Babies cry and that is totally okay because they are communicating their needs. The moms in the group are in the same season of life and will be genuinely comforted to know that they are going through the same thing you are. When you are ready, we assure you that our Preschool Ministry leaders and teachers do a wonderful job loving and carrying for the needs of our children and will be delighted to get to know your child.
Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! We love getting to know new moms! They are welcome to visit at one of our MOPS meetings to help get a good idea of what our group is like and decide if they want to be a part of MOPS. They can register at their next meeting if they decide they want to join.
What if I am not sure about joining MOPS before I come?
Moms are invited to visit for one meeting to have an experience of our group environment and to decided if our MOPS group fits their needs for their family.
I work during the day when most of your MOPS meetings and Playdates are held. Are there opportunities for me in your MOPS group?
Currently our MOPS group meets on Thursday mornings. We have mom nights out that you are invited to. You can email us at and explain that you work during the day but would like to join us for mom nights out and receive information about them as they go on throughout the year. We try and post frequently all our upcoming events on facebook. You can find us at MOPS groups are all over Arizona and some meet in the evening. You can visit the MOPS International website at and search with your zip code to find a MOPS group that may fit with your schedule. There is an opportunity to start a group that meets in the evenings at North Phoenix if there was a strong group of moms who were willing to lead it.
I see your MOPS meetings starts in September. Can I join at any point in the year?
Yes, our MOPS year is from September to May. The best times to join are at the beginning of our semesters in September or January but we welcome moms at all times throughout the year! Even though we don’t have meetings in the summer, we get to together for play dates and love meeting new mothers then as well.
Do I have to go to North Phoenix Baptist Church or go to a church to be a part of your MOPS group?
No, you do not have to come to North Phoenix or go to a church to be a part of MOPS.
What is MOPS International?
MOPS International is a non-profit Christian organization started many years ago by a group a moms to help support and provide for the needs of young mothers. MOPS International helps start up new groups around the world including MOPS, MOPS NEXT, TEEN MOPS and MILITARY MOPS.
Can I sponsor a mom?
Yes, investing in mothers truly makes an impact. We believe in MOPS that Better Moms make a better world. We want ever mother who wants to be a part of MOPS to have that opportunity. We work hard as a group to fundraise and help with scholarships and other needs in our group. Your sponsorship will help us make more scholarships available to moms who need that help.
How much is MOPS Membership at North Phoenix?
MOPS membership at North Phoenix is $100 for the year. $24.95 goes to MOPS International membership and the rest stays with our chapter to help pay for childcare and other group expenses at meetings and events we host.
I really want to join MOPS but I don’t know if I can afford the MOPS membership fee. Are there scholarships?
Yes we have some partial and full scholarships available upon request. Please let us know. We want every mother who wants to be a part of MOPS to be able to participate.
Can I volunteer?
Yes, there are a few ways we can have your help. We are always looking for seasoned mothers with a heart for young moms and their children to be our Mentor Moms. We can always use help with extra hands in fundraising, helping provide meals to moms who have just delivered babies, childcare during meetings, helping host play dates and special meetings, to be guest speakers, and more. Email if you are interested.

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