NPHX Weekday Preschool

NPHX Weekday Preschool provides Bible-based instruction similar in content and style to our weekend Bible study curriculum, philosophy and methodology. We are honored to be regarded in the community as one of the valley's most premier programs. NPHX Preschool is state-licensed and is available at competitive rates for parents of Preschoolers that are interested in providing Christian instruction for their Preschoolers.

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Parents can choose to enroll their child/children into one of three programs:

1. Childcare: For full-time or part-time care and instruction Monday through Friday.

2. Preschool: For part-time Bible-based instruction
and socialization for children ages three through         Pre-Kindergarten.

3. Kindergarten: Full day instruction using the highly regarded Saxon math and Open Court reading curriculum.

Our Philosophy

Preschoolers today grow as Jesus did.

They grow in wisdom (mentally),
in stature (physically),
in favor with God (spiritually),
and man (socially and emotionally).

Our Curriculum

In accordance with our Philosophy, The Preschool at North Phoenix structures the learning day using curriculum based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) and supported by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC) and the Arizona First Things First initiative.

Parent Resources

These are resources the Preschool at North Phoenix advocates.
They are a sample of what is available for your use in the Preschool Ministry Library. Let us help you check one out today!

Weekday Preschool Rates

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